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Israeli success in America – meet Ran Oz

Like many great Cinderella stories, the one of Ran Oz is the one most people dream of when they think of the Great American dream. We sat down for a revealing and fascinating talk with Ran, the owner of one of the biggest interactive entertainment companies in Florida, to hear the secret to his success and what he thinks is his greatest achievement.

Rockstar in Israel – Stardom in Miami
By any means, Ran is an Israeli success story in America. He arrived in Los Angeles in 2004 after completing his military service in Israel then graduating from acting school. Make no mistakes: the road was open to him for success in Israel; he founded an up-and-coming rock band right on the verge of making their big break and signing a record deal. Just before he was committing to the band and everything being a Rockstar entails, he decided to travel to Los Angeles to visit his sister and parents who lived there. One night his sister decided to take him to karaoke night at a restaurant nearby, and that was the beginning of Ran’s New Life.

Without any preparation, he started hosting the karaoke night while creating interactive games and songs with the audience. The owner of the establishment almost immediately offered him a job: to host the karaoke night twice a week and earn a very seductive salary. While most people might have given this a second thought, Ran is the kind of person who takes opportunities with both hands and that might be the greatest secret to his success – his bravery and drive.

When love came in the picture
Ran quickly decided to make the permanent move to LA, and started working at the karaoke restaurant, performing as a DJ, and singing in a rock band. Not long after that, he met his wife, a Spanish rock singer and a professional dancer, daughter of Israeli parents who lived in Venezuela. “After some time in LA we decided to move to Miami” Ran says. “my wife wanted to be close to her mother who lived there, and it was eventually the best decision we made. We opened a dance studio and throughout the years were lucky enough to create one of the largest interactive entertainment companies for family and children in Florida. On our most busy day, we can host up to 10 events a day”.

Back to work mode
Prior to the covid-19 pandemic, Ran and his wife had an events venue where they would host birthdays, karaoke nights, bar mitzvahs, bachelorette parties, and more, which unfortunately was not operating during the pandemic.

Today, after the pandemic subsided, Ran is back to full working mode: he owns a dance studio, a recording studio where he makes albums for successful artists, a record label where they sign young talents and develop them on the road to greatness, and a production company that orchestrates great shows and performances for some of the largest companies in America, as well as provide DJ services for celebratory events. “I do special things that no one does across the USA, because I bring a lot of trends and artifacts from Israel. We have an LED dance floor, led furniture, interactive and fun selfie stations and much more”.

And what does the future hold?

We couldn’t help but ask Ran where he sees himself in 10 years, after achieving such great success at a young age. “I have a lot more to go,” he answers with a smile. “I want to see the record label develop. I love having the opportunity to meet a child when he’s 10, help him grow into a performing artist, and then signing him to a record deal when he’s 23, which is something that happened to me. There is amazing satisfaction in seeing a talent which you helped create, achieve great success”.

Ran, alongside his wife Sharon, seems to have it all figured out. Sharon Oz is a holistic Health coach, offering a full 21 day Cleanse by the Rambam, that transforms people’s health. The plan can be purchased for only $18 on her website. Together, Ran and Sharon raise their three beautiful boys together. “I’m just a kid from Israel who had great dreams and was able to get to a point where he’s successful in Miami, but I actually have to admit that my three boys, Gil, Eden, and Ben, are my greatest achievements of all”.

And what about moving back to Israel?
“We live a very Zionist lifestyle. There are certain places in Israel that I would love my children to grow up in, and that is something we definitely think about for the future. For the time being, we work together with the JNF, creating educational programs for Israeli holidays like Independence Day, Jerusalem Day, and Tu Bishvat. I perform in over 70 different schools with this program, helping the kids and their parents connect to Israel and donate money to help build and promote the country. For me, it feels like my home away from home”.

So, how do you get in touch with Ran? Ran is the owner of the event entertainment company called CooLAM Productions, as well as a leading Photo booth company Mask Booths. He owns and manages Party venues, and is the creative director of the Young Stars Showcase, and the CEO of OZ MUSIC RECORD LABEL. Ran is also the owner and director of the Florida superstar camp – A performing arts and digital media camp for ages 6 – 15.


Stephanie Katz
Stephanie Katz
Ran is the best DJ. Kept everyone entertained!! I highly recommend him. Thank you for everything
chaim guly
chaim guly
Studio party Miami created an amazing professional music video for my sons bar mitzvah!! We had a great experience we just had to show up n Ran Oz guided us through every step n got the job done quickly! Highly recommend!
Lori S
Lori S
Ran is best DJ !! He plays great music and knows how to energize both the kids and the adults. He has fun dancing games, great activities and creates a fun environment for everyone. We are so happy we chose him to do my daughters Bat mitzvah!
UDI Branding U Design It
UDI Branding U Design It
Aging service, great studio and staff.
We couldn’t have been happier with our choice! They listened to all of our requests and put together a one stop shop for an amazing Bat Mitzvah for my daughter!! She was so happy with how everything turned out and all of her guests had a great time. Will be using them again for my other daughter!!
Carmel Cooper
Carmel Cooper
Wonderful experience working together with Ran and Studio Party Miami! It is ensured that all aspects of the event are taken care of in advance! The services include a DJ/ emcee that gets all of the guests dancing, a variety of venues to chose from, and so many additional items like dancers, LED dance floor, etc. Studio Party Miami is a one stop shop for everything you need for your next event. Highly recommended!
Ramón Urbaneja
Ramón Urbaneja
Interesante. Tango y más
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